Netgear ReadyNAS Login Guide

Are you facing issues while accessing your Netgear ReadyNAS? Is your ReadyNAS not logging in? Well, if your answer to any of these questions is in yes, we’re here to help you.

After lots of research, we have come up with this Netgear ReadyNAS login guide that will help you access your Netgear ReadyNAS with ease.


To get access of your Netgear ReadyNAS, you must need

  • The IP address of your device.
  • Username and password of your device.

Let’s proceed further and know how to perform ReadyNAS login.

Netgear ReadyNAS Login

  • Launch any of your preferred web browsers.
  • Now navigate to Netgear ReadyNAS login page by accessing
  • Hitting enter will show you the ReadyNAS login window where you need to enter ReadyNAS username and ReadyNAS default password.
  • Enter the details and hit Enter.

Tip 1: If Netgear ReadyNAS default password is not working for you, get help from our professionals.

  • As soon as you enter the credentials, ReadyNAS admin page will appear on the screen of your device. Now, you can manage various settings of your device as per your need.

Tip 2: For additional security of your ReadyNAS, we suggest you to change the ReadyNAS Duo Default Password. Let’s proceed further and know the process of resetting ReadyNAS default password.

How to change Netgear ReadyNAS default password?

You can easily reset Netgear ReadyNAS default password by following the steps below. This is a must step to gift your device additional security. Because using the default credentials, anyone can get access to your important data and may lead you towards a big trouble. Read on and save your ReadyNAS from potential threats by changing its default password.

  • Log in to your Netgear ReadyNAS and get access to the admin page.
  • Navigate to the ‘Password Recovery’ option.
  • Enter the default credentials.
  • Now enter the credentials you want to switch to.
  • It’s time to assign your ReadyNAS a new password.
  • Once done, hit OK.

That’s it! This way you can change the default password of your ReadyNAS. Make sure to select a unique and easy-to-remember password for your device.

We hope that now you can easily access your ReadyNAS and manage your important data the way you fancy.

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