Orange Light on Nighthawk Router

What Does Orange Light on Nighthawk Router Mean?

The Orange light on your Nighthawk router means something is wrong. But, you don’t have to worry. We will resolve the issue to your satisfaction. In this blog, you will get fixes to resolve orange light on your Nighthawk router issue in blink of an eye. Given that, continue reading!

[Fixed] Orange Light Issue on Nighthawk Router

Here are the fixes that will help you get rid of orange light issue o Nighthawk router trouble. Keep reading!

Power Cycle Nighthawk Router

Let’s help you with troubleshooting the issue using this basic fix first. Yes, power cycling is known as the easy and best hack to troubleshoot any (major or minor) issue with the Nighthawk device. So let’s get down and know how to execute the power cycling process.

Unplug your Nighthawk router and keep it like this (unplugged for 10-15 minutes. After that, you plug the router back and wait for the LEDs on it blinks green.

You must have patience! The reason is, the LEDs on your Nighthawk router may take longer time than usual to blink green. At one moment, they may go off. So, don’t get tense. It is normal. On the off chance, the LEDs continue to blink or remain off for a longer time, execute the power cycling process once more.

Connect Nighthawk Router to Internet Modem

Remember that, if there is no connection between your host modem and Nighthawk router, then also you may encounter with the orange light issue. To deal with it, make a solid connection between them. Apart from this, you must ensure that the Ethernet cable you want to use for connecting the devices is in working condition.

If your internet modem is WPS-capable, then you can use the WPS method for connecting them. For this, you have to press the WPS button on your internet modem, and within 10 seconds, apply the same process on your Nighthawk router.

Now, check if orange light on Nighthawk router is fixed. Also, you need to check the connection between your modem and the router if it is properly made by accessing the Nighthawk app.

Change Nighthawk Router Location

Another thing that might let you experience orange light on Nighthawk router issue is its bad location. So, you must try relocating it. Make sure you place the device in center-most area of your home. Also, you must avoid placing the router on the ground (lower surface and away from your modem.

Update Firmware

Outdated firmware on Nighthawk router is the biggest reason behind getting the orange light issue. So, without thinking much, log in to Nighthawk router via and get instructions to update its firmware right away.

Update Firmware

Check the Power Supply

If your Nighthawk router is not receiving a steady power supply from a working wall socket, then also it can lead to the orange light issue. To rectify it, you must ensure – a continuous power is being supplied to your router and the power socket in to which it is plugged is in working condition.

Call Your ISP

No or poor internet can be the crucial reason behind getting the orange light on Nighthawk router issue. To deal with this, you must ensure that your internet is working fine. To check the same, we suggest you call your ISP right away.

Reset and Reconfigure Nighthawk Router

We know – if you are on this fix, it means the orange light on Nighthawk router isn’t resolved yet. Don’t sweat over it, we are still here. To say goodbye to the orange light issue forever, reset the Nighthawk device and configure it from scratch.

How to Reset Nighthawk Router?

To reset the Nighthawk device in a hassle-free way, what you have to do – disconnect it from your internet modem and then locate the reset hole on it. Once you have found it, press it via paper clip – hold it for 10 seconds, and release it.

Fab! The lights on the Nighthawk router have started blinking green. It means orange light on Nighthawk router is now resolved. Now, to make the most out of your device set it again by accessing the Nighthawk router setup page and following the on-screen instructions.

Key Points to Remember

While setting up Nighthawk router, make sure that you have connected it to your internet modem via Ethernet cable. And, for executing the Nighthawk router setup process, you must have access to a computer or laptop and it must be connected to your router’s WiFi.

The Last Words

Our post on how to fix orange light issue on Nighthawk router ends here. So, can we anticipate that the troubleshooting hacks we have listed above will help you deal with the annoying problem? If yes, then you are all set to make the most out of your Nighthawk router’s WiFi. You must need to connect your wired and wireless devices to the device and enjoy super-fast WiFi speed from any corner of your house without any fear of WiFi signals to get interrupted.

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