– How to Access Netgear Router Settings is a local login web address using which one can manage the Netgear router settings. It can help a user to update the firmware, change the password (WiFi + admin), set up guest network, and prioritize network traffic. On this page, we will try to frame every little detail related to the login address.

How to Access Setup URL?

Accessing the setup doesn’t actually require much hassle. The only condition is that you have access to a computer or laptop which is connected to an active internet source. How you can do that? Let’s start!

  • Verify that all the cable connections related to the router are proper.
  • If your router is powered off, switch it on now.
  • The next step is to hardwire the router and your computer.
  • If you don’t have a spare Ethernet cable, connect computer to the router’s WiFi network.
How to Access Setup URL

Note: If your router is flaunting the factory-set values, you can check out the network name and WiFi password from the label on the router’s label.

  • Open a supported web browser now.
  • The next task is to input the setup URL into the location bar.
  • Upon pressing Enter, you will notice that the administrative page of the router has appeared on the screen.
  • Enter the respective username and password and hit Log In.
  • The router’s dashboard will show up.

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This is how to use the address to access the web-based management dashboard of the router. Now, you are free to change the router’s settings or perform any operation that you are going to perform via the router’s WiFi network. Username and Password

Although Netgear facilitates its users to specify an administrative password at the time of the installation process, some users prefer using router on the default factory settings. Just in case your Netgear router is also operating on the default settings, you can either check them from the product’s label or refer to the table given below:

User name admin (in lowercase)
Password password (for current models – in lowercase)
1234 (for older models of routers)

Since the user name as well as the password, both is in lowercase, you are suggested to take special care during the login entry. If you are not bothered, then it will be a great idea if you avoid enabling the Caps Lock key.

Is Not Working?

Things can be annoying when the setup address becomes inaccessible. In that case, a person should refer to the following techniques:

Use the Address Bar Update the Internet Browser Restart the Netgear Router Connect to the Correct WiFi
Possible, like other users, you have also input the web address into the search box. Mend your mistake by making use of the browser’s address field. Maybe you are using an outdated version of the internet browser for accessing the router login URL. You should update the web browser through its settings. Give a fresh start to your router by unplugging it from the respective power outlet, keeping it off the power for 10 minutes, and powering it up once again. There are chances that you connected your computer to an incorrect WiFi network. You must know that the setup URL only works if you are connected to Netgear router.

Quick Tip: You also need to take care of the typing errors while accessing the Netgear router URL. No typos are allowed. Also, clear the browser’s cache.

How to Change Admin Password?

After a successful login attempt, you will be able to manage various settings related to the Netgear router. Below, we are going to highlight the process of assigning a new administrative password to the router:

  • Log in to your Netgear router using the correct default instructions.
  • Choose Advanced > Administration > Set Password on the BASIC Home screen.
  • Pro Gaming routers have different path; Settings > Administration > Set Password.
  • Here, you have to input the current password (enter “password” if default) one time.
  • Type the password that you want your router’s admin panel to have 2 times.
  • If you want your router to give password hints in case you ever forget it, enable Password Recovery.
  • Answer security questions and finalize changes.

In this manner, you can change the admin password of a Netgear router through a login address. You can also change the WiFi password. To do that, it is recommended that you use the path to Wireless Network settings of the router.

Did You Know?
You also have the facility to reboot/restart/power cycle your Netgear WiFi router via the setup URL. You can avail of this facility by accessing the Advanced settings of the router. The path to be followed is:

Advanced > Reboot

The router will reboot as soon as you click the Reboot option. However, if you have a Pro Gaming router, you can reach the same option by clicking the Kebab (3 dots) icon.

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