Why Netgear WiFi Router RAX45 Internet LED is Solid Orange?

Recently, many users have been coming to us in the search for a solution regarding one query in particular, i.e. ‘Netgear router RAX45 internet LED is solid orange’. Some users have been facing this issue during the setup process whereas some afterwards. No matter the group you fit into, what matters is that in this post, you will find every troubleshooting hack required to say goodbye to the issue at hand. So, we highly recommend you read this article without skipping any point.
Note: Do not panic if you fail to understand any troubleshooting hack. Simply ping our well-versed technical experts and let them provide you with the right assistance to help you get out of the mess that you are currently in.

Netgear Router RAX45 Internet LED is Solid Orange [Fixed]

Reason 1: Loose Cable Connection

Did you use an old Ethernet cable to connect the Netgear RAX45 router to the host modem or put the one that came along with the router to use? If it is the first case, then it is no shocker why the internet LED on your Netgear wireless router is blinking orange. Therefore, it is recommended that you make use of the new cable.

Along with using a non-damaged Ethernet cable, make sure that your networking devices are connected via finger-tight connection. Also, the ports located on your router should not be damaged. Otherwise, you will face more technical issues in the future. And if you do not want that to happen with you, then do as we are suggesting.

Reason 2: Too Much Distance Separating Devices

Another reason why you are experiencing the ‘Netgear router RAX45 internet LED is solid orange’ issue is because there is a lot of distance separating the networking devices. Too much of it can be prove to be fatal for the signals emitted from them. To take care of the problem, it is recommended that you place both your devices in proximity.

However, do not keep your devices too close to each other. Or else, the signals emitted from will have a head-on collision and you will continue to face the ‘Netgear router RAX45 internet LED is solid orange’ issue for god knows how long.

Reason 3: Signal Interference

Have you ever noticed how your Netgear router RAX45 starts behaving weirdly whenever they are surrounded by transmitting appliances, electronic devices and reflexive surfaces? Nodding your head in yes? Well then, congratulations! The reason being, you have found another reason behind the ‘Netgear router RAX45 internet LED is solid orange’ issue.

Half of these things emit electromagnetic waves due to which the signals of your networking device get interrupted whereas the remaining rest have bouncy surfaces from which the signals bounce off and do not get transmitted evenly throughout the house.

Taking the aforementioned point into consideration, we would like to recommend only one thing here, i.e. change the location of your RAX45 router. While doing so, mirrors, microwave ovens, cordless phones, refrigerators, treadmills, baby monitors, washing machines, Bluetooth speakers, and other similar things should be kept away from the wireless router.

Reason 4: Reconfigure the Netgear RAX45

Despite all the efforts which you have made, are you still stuck with the ‘Netgear router RAX45 internet LED is solid orange’ issue? Well, this means that your last resort to troubleshoot the issue is to reconfigure your wireless router.

There are three different methods through which you can reconfigure your networking device. In the first method, you need to press the WPS button, in the second method, you ought to access the user interface and in the last method, you need to use the Netgear Nighthawk app.

In case you want to avoid making mistakes in the setup process, it is recommended that you refer to the instructions mentioned in the user manual.

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