ReadyNAS: Backup and secure your data

ReadyNAS is a global IP video surveillance solution for small as well as medium-sized businesses, ranging from a family retail store with 8 cameras to a large residential apartment or building with 100 cameras.

This ultra-scalable, rare solution offers the total protection of business assets that can be set up within a matter of minutes, without additional training.

In addition, ReadyNAS operates as a standard network storage solution continuously. Moreover, its full ReadyNAS OS feature set includes disaster recovery (ReadyDR) so that businesses can meet the most stringent legal and commercial or trading necessity for video data retention.

In addition, the ReadyNAS Vault encrypts data always with AES 256-bit encryption prior to leaving your device. Moreover, the transfer of already encrypted data is done by using a 128-bit SSL secured channel also.

Moreover, it is an online service which you use to discover and install ReadyNAS storage systems on your home network.

ReadyNAS Desktop Series

Now, get the most storage bang for your IT buck. Yes, the “ReadyNAS Desktop Series” packs industries first innovation and unmatched ease-of-use into the top-end storage.

  1. Unlimited snapshots.
  2. Thin provisioning.
  3. Cloud-managed replication.
  4. Real-time Anti-Virus and Encryption.

In short, ReadyNAS allows you to do more with your business confidential data than you thought you can ever afford.

The ReadyNAS 210 Series

Advanced Backup and Synchronization

  • VPN (virtual private network) based personal data storage – The most secure and needs no configuration.
  • Create a VPN for multiple users with synchronization between the access portal, ReadyNAS, and computers or laptops.
  • Special time Machine backup support for all the Mac devices in your home or office.
  • On-the-go backup photos, backup videos, and private data from your phone.
  • Link Aggregation enables or turns on more than 2x system throughput.

High-performance home video and audio streaming

  • 1.4 Gigahertz (GHz) quad-core processor for accelerated write/read.
  • Strong media server using the Plex, iTunes or Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA).
  • High Definition (HD) media streaming to multiple WiFi-enabled devices.
  • 1080p – The real-time transcoding.
  • Near zero (0) throughput degradation anti-virus.

ReadyNAS: Advanced Performance as well as Data Protection

  • Quad-core ARM (Advanced RISC Machines) Cortex A15 1.4 Gigahertz (GHz) processor and 2 Gigabyte (GB) of RAM (random access memory).
  • 1080p HD (High Definition) real-time streaming and transcoding to a remote device like VC, MP4, MPEG2/4, or H.264.
  • Dual GB Ethernet – More than 2x throughput in Link Aggregation (LAG) mode.
  • Maximize throughput with more than 200MB/s (MegaByte) read and 160MB/s (MegaByte) write speeds simultaneously.
  • High-performance anti-virus.
  • The next-generation BTRFS file system that is combined with the advanced Netgear technologies deliver 5 levels of absolute data protection.

2-bay: Up to 20TB Storage

  • 2-bay diskless NAS that supports up to 20 Terabyte (TB).
  • Support up to 12-20 user small workgroups.
  • Quad-core arm processor with 2 Gigabit (GB) ram.
  • Supports full HD video streaming.

4-bay: Up to 48TB Storage

ReadyNAS introduces the best-of-breed technologies and features with simple easy-to-use functionality. In addition, with up to 48 terabytes (TB) of storage, download speeds up to 200 Megabits per second (MBps) and full HD 1080p transcoding capability, users will have the ultimate networked attached storage for their media-rich home.

The ReadyNAS 310 Series

Data Backup

Unlimited snapshots provide you complete control over the past, present, and future of your saved data. In addition, this enterprise-class feature prints or copies any point of time in the cloud file system that can be automatically or manually scheduled, and can also restore any version just with a simple click. Moreover, the other data protection innovations for disk-based storage like:

  • Real-Time Anti-Virus.
  • Encryption, etc. bring new confidence to the integrity of your back-ups and data.

File Sharing

Nowadays, running a business often depends completely on successful file sharing data application, virtual images, client files, email, and all the digital files that make your business go smoothly.

As a matter of fact, with ReadyNAS, you have a beneficial and easy-to-use solution finally for securing, centralizing, and sharing of those critical assets. In addition, the faster Intel Atom Processor means up to 20 users small workgroup can access unified storage simultaneous —across PC, Mac as well as the Linux environments. Moreover, the ReadyCLOUD and full Dropbox integration make it most simpler than ever to synchronize your important files, photos, or backup videos across all of your internet-connected devices.

Small Office Data Storage: Disaster Recovery

It may interest you to know that the custom-built ReadyNAS OS protects the personal data storage with automatic RAID (redundant array of independent disks) configuration, the non-stop security of “Unlimited Snapshots”, and very easy-to-manage “Cloud Replication. As a matter of fact, by maintaining numerous copies of vital data via “cloud replication”, it makes it very much easy for you to move personal data offsite to protect against theft and natural disasters.

Hardware: Dual-Gigabit Ethernet

  • Floating Point (Central Processing Unit) CPU.
  • Flash: 128 MegaByte (MB) for the operating system (OS).
  • Drive Bays: Six, four, and two.
  • Drive Types Supported: SATA/SSD 2.5” or 3.5”.
  • Tool-less hard drive tray.
  • Hot-Swappable Drives.
  • 3 (three) eSATA ports.
  • 1 (One) USB 2.0 and 2 (Two) USB 3.0 ports.
  • Total solution capacity: 84 terabytes (TB).
  • Dual-Gigabit Ethernet ports along with link aggregation.
  • Dual 10 Gigabyte (Gb) Ethernet (10GBase-T) ports with link aggregation and failover (RN716X only)
  • LEDs: Power, System, LAN.

Local and remote access

Modern GUI (graphical user interface) and local and remote access from anywhere easily without any issue.

Sleek the current interface and patented technology for safe and secure cloud or remote access without any configuration effort.

ReadyNAS Apps Add Functionality

Without any issue, you can expand the functionality of your ReadyNAS Backup system by simply installing applications.

Presently, more than fifty (50) free applications are available and the list is growing day by day. For more information, get in touch with our technical department.

Call Toll Free for Support: 1-844-765-4831

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