Netgear Router Lights On But No Internet [Easy Fixes]

The working status of a Netgear router is determined by its lights. If LED lights are solid green, then it can be concluded that all is well with your WiFi router. But, there are times when users complain that the Netgear router lights on but no internet. In that scenario, a lot of online tasks get stalled. Are you also a victim of the same problem? If you’ve nodded your head in yes, then it is time you take some actions to get it resolved. Mentioned in this write-up are the topmost hacks that will help you change your router’s internet status from non-working to working. Read on.

Fixed: Netgear Router Lights On But No Internet

I. Check the Ethernet Connection

No matter what happens, the Ethernet connection you’ve established between your WiFi devices needs to be stable. Chances are that you’ve failed to fulfill this requirement due to which the Netgear router lights on but no internet issue has become your destiny. This is to inform you that a weak Ethernet connection between your devices can also cause the Nighthawk app not working issue. To prevent it from happening:

  • Ensure that the cable connected to the ports of your Netgear router and the main access point is free of wear and tear.
  • Make sure that the Ethernet connection is loose by no means.

II. Bring Your Devices Closer

Placing your WiFi devices (Netgear router and modem) at an inappropriate distance can also be the reason you’re facing the no internet issue even if every light on your router is on. Perhaps, your devices are placed too far from each other. To mend your ways, consider bringing them close to some extent. It will allow them to propagate signals effectively.

However, effective signal propagation won’t happen if your WiFi devices are situated extremely close. If you do so, then the chances of the WiFi signals of your Netgear router getting involved in a clash with those of the modem increase. Thus, keeping a safe distance is mandatory.

III. Reboot the Router

The benefitsof rebooting can’t be written in words. But, trust us! If you reboot your WiFi devices, then there is a high possibility that the Netgear router lights on but no internet issue will bid adieu. Here’s what you need to do in order to reboot your WiFi router:

  • Push the Power button on your Netgear device to power it down.
  • Now,unplug the router.
  • Relax and let your Netgear device do the same.
  • Time to re-plug the router!
  • Push the Power button again; this time, to power up the router.

IV. Change the Router’s Location

The place at which your Netgear router sits has its significance. Because it is the location from where each corner of your house gets WiFi signals. But, the WiFi signals won’t reach every nook and cranny and you’ll keep struggling with the Netgear router lights on but no internet issue if the router’s location is not proper.

FYI, the most appropriate location to extract the maximum output from the Netgear router is the one present in the center of the house. Additionally, this location is not supposed to shelter electromagnetic waves radiating devices, lustrous surfaces, and objects containing a lot of water. All of the aforementioned factors are capable of either captivating the router’s WiFi signals or deviating them from their paths.

V. Contact Your ISP

The occurrence of the Netgear router lights on but no internet issue can also happen if your Internet Service Provider is performing some maintenance. Therefore, consider having a word with him.

In case your ISP agrees that the internet issue has arisen from his end, then you can wait till he fixes the issue for you.

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