Netgear Router Intermittent Connection Issues [Troubleshooting]

WiFi routers brought in by Netgear emerged as game changers for the networking realm. Users now don’t need to worry about dead zones in their homes. They stay connected to high-speed internet even when they roam around the house. However, a small fraction of users also complains about struggling with Netgear router intermittent connection issues.

In case your name also falls on the list of those users, then walk through this write-up. Here, we’ve tried to sum up a few techniques that will help you address WiFi connectivity issues with your home router.

Netgear Router Intermittent Connection Issues [Major Cause]

Before moving further with our troubleshooting guide, let us tell you about the major reason behind the router’s connectivity issue i.e. lack of the latest firmware version. Yes, if your WiFi router keeps running on an outdated firmware version, then getting a patchy internet connection is just the beginning. If you don’t pay attention right now, it may end up ruining your entire networking experience.

Therefore, you should consider upgrading the firmware of your device as soon as possible. For this, you can either take the help of the Nighthawk router app or the router’s web GUI. However, no matter which platform you chose to install the router’s latest firmware version, you should avoid halting the process. Else, you will end up with partially installed firmware that is even more harmful to the home network.

Just in case upgrading the router’s firmware fails to resolve internet issues with your router, then chances are that some other reasons are not allowing the device to work properly. To know about them, walk through the next section.

Netgear Router Connectivity Issues [Other Reasons]

1) Technical Glitches: Minor bugs can greatly affect the performance of your WiFi router. They can occur if you keep using your router without letting it rest or if too many devices are accessing its WiFi network simultaneously.

2) Damaged Ethernet Cable: Netgear router intermittent connection issues can also arise if you have created the router-modem connection with the aid of a damaged cable. You cannot expect a damaged cable to do the job of signal transmission for you.

3) Congested WiFi Channel: Another reason why you are facing intermittent connection issues with your wireless router is because you’ve set it up to run on a congested channel. The more congested the WiFi channel, the more the chances of getting connectivity problems.

Netgear Router Intermittent Connection Issues [Fixes]

In the previous section, we discussed a few reasons due to which you might be facing connectivity issues with your wireless router. Below, we’ve jotted down the techniques following which you can easily resolve the problem.

1) Restart the Router: Performing a reboot of a device is recommended whenever technical glitches affect its ability to work efficiently. Therefore, the first tip in line to resolve intermittent connection issues with the router is to reboot it. Simply, switch it off and unplug it. Now, you are required to wait for a few minutes and re-plug it. Lastly, switch it on.

2) Replace the Ethernet Cable: In case you’ve connected your router and modem using a damaged cable, then we suggest you replace it right away. But, know that replacing the Ethernet cable won’t do any good for you if you are not creating a finger-tight connection. Additionally, make sure that the Ethernet jacks of your WiFi devices are in working condition and are neat and clean.

3) Change the WiFi Channel: The frequency bands of your WiFi router are like highways and the WiFi channels on which the router runs are like the lanes of those highways. Due to technological advancements, various gadgets present in our house operate on the same frequency as that of the router. Therefore, you should log in to the router and consider changing its WiFi channel to fix Netgear router intermittent connection issues.

To Wind Things Up

It can be seen that connectivity issues with the router may arise if you keep using it on an outdated firmware version, don’t reboot it, put a damaged cable to use, and so on. We are now expecting that you’ve not only learned the reasons but also the tips to resolve connectivity issues with the router..

But, before we sign off, we would like to make you aware of the router’s correct placement as it can also be the reason behind Netgear router intermittent connection issues. The following points will make you understand where to place your WiFi router:

1) Near the Modem: Your router needs to be located near the modem. However, the distance should be safe.

2) Away from WiFi Interference: Consider keeping your router away from EM waves emitting devices, objects carrying a large amount of water, and reflexive surfaces.

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