Netgear Router Firmware Update Failed? Let’s Try to Fix It!

The firmware update is a process that every Netgear router user needs to perform. It is necessary to keep the firmware updated so that the device won’t give the user any trouble while functioning. But, still, many users complain that the Netgear router firmware update failed despite following the correct guidelines. Well, the pretty obvious reason behind getting this issue is the usage of the wrong firmware file.

Therefore, if you are also among those users who have failed to update their Netgear routers successfully, consider checking the firmware file you’ve uploaded on the setup wizard. Does it belong to the router model you own? In case it does not, then you are required to carry out the firmware update process again with the correct firmware file.

Apart from this, ensure that you’ve downloaded the latest version of the Netgear firmware file. The Netgear router firmware update failed issue can also trouble the user if he/she uploads the firmware file that the router no longer supports. In other words, an obsolete firmware file is uploaded on the router. However, if the firmware upgrade process fails even after keeping a check on the important things, then some other factors might have messed up the process. What are they? Read the next section to know.

Why Netgear Router Firmware Update Failed?

If the computer or laptop used for updating the router’s firmware is not accessing a high-speed internet connection, then getting errors during the process is a common thing. But, know that the issue might choose to trouble you if you are using a cached or outdated version of the web browser for installing the latest firmware version on the router.

Moreover, you’ll find yourself struggling with the problem in the discussion if you keep playing games on your computer or attempt to do other activities during the process. Therefore, one must avoid performing background activities and opening unnecessary tabs while updating the Netgear router’s firmware.

Furthermore, the Netgear router firmware update failed problem might also be an outcome of a tainted file on the PC. Perhaps, it has been a long time since you scanned for viruses on your PC and hence you’re facing unwanted problems while carrying out the most important process related to the Netgear router. But, whatever the reason is, the techniques provided in the upcoming section will reveal how to get rid of the problem with ease.

What to Do If Netgear Router Firmware Update Failed?

Before you gear up to carry out the firmware update process again, try your hands on these tactics. However, you can also contact our experts directly if you do not feel like giving a shot at the tips given below:

Check the Internet Connection

Run a speed test on your computer and check if you’re getting the WiFi speed as promised by your ISP. If not, then before contacting your service provider, have a look at the cables connected to the router. If any of them is damaged, swap them. But, in case there is nothing wrong with the cable connections, it would be better to ring your ISP now and get the internet problem fixed.

Use an Updated Web Browser

You are free to take the assistance of any web browser with the firmware update process. But, as we mentioned earlier that if the Netgear router firmware update failed issue decides to bug you on an outdated one, install the latest software version on your web browser. In addition to that, delete the cache and cookies. It will not only streamline the browser’s performance but also make it possible for you to easily navigate through tabs on the router’s dashboard.

Run a Virus Scan

There’s hardly a person who doesn’t know the amount of havoc that an infected file on the PC can wreak. Perhaps, the PC used by you for updating the router’s firmware consists of a tainted file. To confirm the same, consider running a virus scan with the help of antivirus software. On the off-chance, any virus is found, delete it and restart the router’s firmware update process.

Summing Up

As can be seen that right from the wrong firmware file to the presence of viruses on the PC, a lot of reasons can cause the Netgear router firmware update failed issue. Since we tried to cover all the major and minor troubleshooting hacks to resolve it, let’s hope that you will get successful in upgrading your Netgear router.

In case you are still unable to upgrade the firmware of your router to the latest version, taking help from our technical support staff will be the best decision.

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