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Netgear ReadyNAS: Your Personal Cloud Storage

Searching for the best personal cloud storage device? If so, Netgear ReadyNAS would certainly be your best bet. In general, ReadyNAS is a device to make a partial backup of your disk array. If some of the hard drives of your computer system fail or even if they are completely broken, you can still recover the complete data online from the ReadyNAS backup cloud storage.

How ReadyNAS Differ from Other Personal Cloud Storage Devices?

Most of the personal cloud storage devices use the RAID mirroring solutions that immediately change or overwrite the previously stored data. Hence, they do not store the older backup.

But when we talk about ReadyNAS, it also uses the RAID technology but here you can even restore the last backup too. For example, if you have deleted a file accidentally and create a new backup, then also you can easily retrieve the file from the older backups.

Advantages of ReadyNAS over Traditional Personal Cloud Storage

  • Handy the Netgear ReadyNAS setup process.
  • The disks can have different storage sizes.
  • You can add disks for more storage at any time.
  • You can recover accidentally deleted some files.
  • 2.5x times faster than traditional personal cloud storage.
  • If any disk failed, you don’t need to worry about your backup. It is always available for you.
  • To access a file, a single disk needs to perform. Thus it saves electricity and creates less noise.

Netgear ReadyNAS Recommended Hardware Requirement

  • Connectivity

For the best performance, ReadyNAS recommended having all the hard drives are connected with SATA (Serial Attached Technology Attachment). Do not use the USB cable to connect hard drives.

  • CPU

ReadyNAS is not CPU bound like other personal cloud storage devices. A single-core CPU is enough to read and write the data.

  • 32 bit or 64 bit Operating System

ReadyNAS works better in a 64-bit operating system. AS it can access more than 4 GiB of memory to use hashing and parity algorithms. But if you have data less than 30TB, then you have chosen the best personal cloud storage device for a 32-bit operating system.

  • RAM Memory

Approx, ReadyNAS avail 1 GiB of memory for 16TB of data. If you have less memory then it is recommended to install more memory on your computer.

  • Security

The Netgear ReadyNAS comes with default login credentials. But don’t worry you can easily customized your Netgear ReadyNAS default password.

  • Netgear ReadyNAS Supports Dual Boot Configuration

Yes, you can use ReadyNAS in a dual boot operating system configuration. It doesn’t matter which OS combination you are using. You can use Windows and Linux, Windows and MAC, or MAC and Linux.

Approx, ReadyNAS avail 1 GiB of memory for 16TB of data. If you have less memory then it is recommended to install more memory on your computer.

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