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Netgear ReadyNAS RN424: A Brilliant Data Storage Center for Schools

The Netgear ReadyNAS RN424 is a combination of capacity, ease of use, security, and speed to make the grade. Schools or any educational firm need reliable storage and backup system for their data.

Everything, from student attendance to grades and important school files to other documents, must be safely stored and easily accessible to effectively run an organization. For schools that do not have huge IP staffs, the ReadyNAS RN424 with a four-bay disk array offers advanced storage technology.

RN424 Balances Great Capacity & Redundancy

Setting up ReadyNAS RN424 is easy. Just insert either 2.5 or 3.5-inch disks into any of the four empty slots, and ReadyNAS will configure them. Just log in to RN424 with the Netgear ReadyNAS default password and username to enable RAID configuration.

The RAID technology perfectly balances capacity and redundancy of the school environment.

ReadyNAS424 is integrated by an Intel Atom processor, which boosts read and write performance without generating excessive heat or using too much power. Combined with 2GB RAM, ReadyNAS RN424 can easily handle up to 40 clients and can store up to 40TB data. Another feature that makes it popular is the ReadyNAS factory reset without losing data.

Increased Storage Capacity

Beyond providing easy and quick storage for classrooms and local groups, ReadyNAS RN424 is designed to combine with other devices to create a mutual support campus storage network. From the critical files and folders, the main interface can be moved for backup to ReadyNAS device that is on the same campus area network (CAN) but might endure in separate buildings or across campus.

For example, the science department at a large school campus might back up their files to RN424 in the math department, and vice versa. Or, the school might be setting up a separate, secure cluster of ReadyNAS, where all groups could easily back up their data files. The ReadyNAS RN424 also supports cloud backups, in which you can remove the physical hard disk altogether.

ReadyNAS RN424 Offers Advance Data Protection

In an educational firm, losing critical data is not an option including ReadyNAS default password. To address this, RN424 comes with various layers of protection. All of them are easy to implement and optional, allowing users to choose the capacity and performance they want to use to increase data security. With many such features, those decisions can be made by either creating file by file or even folder by folder.

  • Unlimited Snapshots
    The ReadyNAS RN424 records the state of protected files at various times with unlimited snapshots. These snapshots can be configured either based on files or folders or by the blanket policy.
  • RAID Level
    ReadyNAS RN424 comes with four hard drive bays, which can accommodate either 2.5 or 3.5-inch size hard drives. To optimize complete storage capacity, set the RAID from five to zero value. This will allow you to use the complete storage capacity of the drives without disk-level protection. Higher the RAID value, higher the backup protection.
  • Bit Rot
    Bit Rod is quite essential for both performance loss due to tiny sectors on a disk and fragmentation. The fragmentation can occur from time to time, especially in the case of Hard Disk Drive (HDD). It uses one or more rotating discs and depends on magnetic storage.

Applying Bit Rot protection on ReadyNAS 424 guides the device to check the data from time to time to make sure it is defragmented and does not contain any fail sector.

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