Netgear RAX10 Router Keeps Dropping Internet

Netgear RAX10 Router Keeps Dropping Internet Every So Often!

Have a look at this scenario as reported by a Netgear AX1800 RAX10 router owner. “I own a Netgear RAX10 router that I am using in my garden house. The router is connected to the ISP modem with a LAN CAT 6 cable and I am using the router in Access Point mode. Everything works fine but the internet drops after every week.”

This is a common situation that many users often come across. Through this blog post, we will help such users to get rid of this issue so that all they get is a seamless internet connection to enjoy. Let’s begin!

Netgear RAX10 Signal Drops Every Now & Then?

Let us also discuss the reasons. What could be the cause that this is happening? There can be many known or unknown reasons that may put you in such a situation wherein you’re not getting good signals from your Netgear router. For instance, an outdated firmware version on the router can result in intermittent signals from it.

Below we’ve highlighted the reasons along with the solutions. Keep on reading ahead and get rid of Netgear RAX10 router signal dropping trouble.

Reason 1: Outdated Firmware on Router

Firmware updates play a vital role in the performance of the router. Timely updates result in optimal performance of your router. If you haven’t updated your router, then this could be the reason why the internet signals keep dropping now and then.

Solution: Update the Router

Go ahead and check for firmware updated for your router RAX10 model number. If there’s an update pending to be made, then access the setup page and install the firmware right away and fix the problem.

Reason 2: Using Faulty LAN Cable

Maybe the cable that links the ISP modem to the RAX10 router is damaged or the ends are worn out. Another possibility is that the cable is loose or the ports in use are dirty or broken.

Solution: Replace the Cable

Examine the CAT6 LAN cable thoroughly that you have used to join the two devices. Its condition has to be good. Get the cable replaced if required. We suggest you cleaning the ports on both devices using a soft brush and make the connection once again. While you are doing so, see to it that the ports are not damaged.

CAT6 LAN cable

Reason 3: Signal Interference

Although the connection between the Netgear RAX10 router and modem is made with the help of a LAN cable, but you are connecting the client devices using WiFi. There are chances that WiFi interference is causing the signal dropping issue.

Solution: Remove WiFi Interference

The location where you have placed your Netgear router should not be surrounded by networking devices or home appliances. Such devices radiate EM waves that can interference with the wireless signals from the router. Shift the router to a better place away from any such devices and you will notice that the signal is no more dropping.

Reason 4: Technical Glitches

Glitch in the technical devices is very common. So could be the case for your Netgear router. These temporary hiccups can affect the functioning of the router.

Solution: Power Cycle the Network

Unplug the ISP modem and the Netegar router now. Let them be unplugged for some time and then begin by powering up the modem first. Then turn on the router. Ensure to follow the same sequence and give a gap of about 2 minutes in between every step that you perform.

Reason 5: Inadequate Power Supply

If the router is not fully booted up due to inadequate power supplied to it then the signal will keep on dropping.

Solution: Supply Adequate Power

Inspect the power connection to the router and the modem. Both should be receiving a consistent power supply. Examine the power cable and the power sockets in use. Use a UPS if you feel the need to do so and ensure that the router as well as the modem are powered up completely while in use.

Wrapping Things Up

Let’s wrap up this helpful post on how to fix Netgear RAX10 router signal dropping issue. The solutions provided in this post work very much the same for any other router make and model. So you can rely on them even if you do not own a router by Netgear or the same model number.

By any chance the solutions haven’t been of any helps then give your router a fresh start by resetting it to the factory defaults. Reset it and then perform Netgear Nighthawk router setup from scratch and you are good to go.

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