Netgear WiFi Keeps Disconnecting

Is Your Netgear WiFi Keeps Disconnecting?

Getting patchy internet connection can be a major issue for many, especially when due to the COVID pandemic, millions of people are working from home around the world for earning their living. Unfortunately, Netgear WiFi keeps disconnecting issue can be the result of various problems. Right from outdated firmware to the wrong use of WiFi channel can take you into the mess of WiFi dropping issue. Well, to help you solve the Netgear WiFi keeps disconnecting issue, we put together an array of possible reasons along with their solutions. So, what are you waiting for? Walk through the steps below to bring your Netgear WiFi back to the track.

How to Fix Netgear WiFi Keeps Disconnecting Issue?

In this blog, we have given the solutions to the most possible reasons creating Netgear WiFi keeps disconnecting issue. By implementing them, you can make your WiFi device speedier in a matter of minutes. Let’s start!

Problem: Your Cables Are Broken

Solution: Your Netgear WiFi keeps disconnecting if the cables connected to your device are broken or are not attached properly. So, have a tab on all cable connections to confirm if everything is fine. If you find any breakage in the cables connected to your router and modem, consider replacing them right away.

Problem: Outdated Firmware

Solution: You may also get into the trouble of slow or intermittent WiFi issue if the firmware of your router is outdated. So, to do away with the problem, access the setup page and update the firmware of your device. Before you commence the process, keep in mind to get an update as per the availability of your router’s model. Because, a wrong or incompatible firmware version, if installed, can make your device nonperforming.

Problem: WiFi Leeching

Solution: It has been found that people often ignore changing the password of their device after completing the Nighthawk router setup process. If you are also someone who has not changed the default login details yet, then perhaps your WiFi is leeched by someone. Because default credentials can easily be accessed for a Netgear device. Now, to get rid of the issue, head towards the settings of your router and check the list of devices connected to it. If you find any unauthorized access, disable it. Once done, change the password of your router to something strong and hard to crack.

Problem: Your WiFi is Congested

Solution: Slow or intermittent WiFi issue can also be the result of congested WiFi. This means the WiFi channel you are using to access the internet is already being used by many people in your area. For fixing the issue, simply switch to a WiFi channel that is least used. You can do this by accessing the dashboard of your router

Problem: Your Extender is Not Installed Well

Solution: Lastly, if your router is not configured in a proper manner then also you may be trapped with the problem of Netgear WiFi keeps disconnecting issue. Although the only resort to get out of this problem is to reset your router to the default settings, still we recommend you go with the power cycle process first. This is suggested, just in case if a small software or hardware-related glitch is troubling you and making you experience sluggish internet, it will get fixed with a reboot. If even after rebooting your device, you are not able to do away with the WiFi keeps disconnecting issue, reset your device to default settings and configure it again.

This is how you can fix Netgear WiFi keeps disconnecting issue and get your internet speed back to normal! Isn’t it simple? If you’re still facing the same and unable to get it fixed, contact our experts for immediate help.

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