How to Boost WiFi Signal Through Walls: An Informative Guide

How essential WiFi is for us now? If one asks you this question, what would you answer? Well, WiFi is as essential as oxygen for most of us. Survival seems difficult without it. Why so? This is because we need the internet for most of our daily chores. Every vital task is done online. Be it online classes, banking, bill payments, entertainment, or online jobs, everything needs an internet connection. Of course, not mere internet connection, we need lightning-fast internet signals to get through our jobs efficiently. So, we all are in a dire need of super-fast WiFi signal, especially through our homes which are built with concrete walls. Let us explore various ideas about how to boost WiFi signal through walls.

How to Boost WiFi Signal Through Walls?

We just discussed that we all need boosted internet signal but unfortunately, not all of us know how to get one, particularly through various obstacles like concrete walls. In this guide, we are going to demystify the process of boosting internet signals through walls. Here we begin:

Here is a list of solutions based on personal experiences that you can use to enhance your existing wireless signal of Netgear router:

1. Relocate Your Router

Do you know just by relocating your Netgear router, you can improve the WiFi signal by a considerable amount? Not just walls but other obstacles also hamper your WiFi signal, thus, shifting your router to an appropriate place can help to boost its signal but can do otherwise as well in case you do not choose a good location to place it. So, here are the pointers that need to be considered before you relocate your Netgear Nighthawk router:

  • As the router gives out the signal in form of a sphere, it is better to be placed at a central location in your home ensuring maximum output, maximum input.
  • Furthermore, place it a bit higher. This is so as the signal moves downwards and placing it at a high location will make sure the network is not getting wasted.
  • Consider placing your router away from obstacles including metal shelves, cabinets, or furniture. They have a special ability to interfere with the signal.
  • Apart from this, keep note of the point while relocating the router that some devices or appliances operate on similar frequencies as the router and thus can interfere with its wireless network. Such devices are microwave ovens, baby monitors, Bluetooth speakers, etc. So, place the router away from such devices.

To know more on how to boost WiFi signal through walls, keep reading further.

2. Use Ethernet Connection

The next way to boost the WiFi signal is by using a wired connection between the networking devices. By hardwiring your internet connection, you will no more need to worry about metallic objects absorbing or concrete walls deflecting the wireless signals. Thus, quickly get your hands on an Ethernet cable and connect your Netgear router to the modem. Wired connections are more reliable than wireless ones.

3. Update Firmware

In this guide, about how to boost WiFi signal through walls, the next method is to update the firmware on your Netgear router. Sometimes, you get weaker signals from the router due to having obsolete firmware on the device. By updating your Netgear router, you can enhance the performance of your device which will also boost your WiFi signal. Simply access the settings of the router using the web-based interface or the Nighthawk router app and update the firmware.

4. Alter WiFi Frequency

To further boost your router’s WiFi signal, you can choose to alter the WiFi frequency also. You might have heard about different WiFi frequencies earlier. Let us shed some light on how it works. The two most common frequencies that you will find on Netgear routers are 2.GHz and 5GHz. Depending upon the location from where you are operating or using WiFi, your device uses different frequencies. 2.4GHz has better range and object penetration while 5GHz has better speeds but lacks in ability to penetrate thick objects, which makes it less ideal for thick walls. Thus, if you are looking for ideas for how to boost WiFi signal through thick walls, consider changing the frequency that your Netgear router is operating no. How to do that? You can do so by getting to the WiFi settings of your device and then making the desired changes there.

How to Boost WiFi Signal Through Walls [Bonus Tip]

These were some of the low-cost or no-cost methods that you can implement if you are looking for ideas about how to boost WiFi signal through walls in your home. However, you can also invest in Netgear WiFi extenders, repeaters, WiFi mesh systems, and powerline adapters to further enhance your wireless signal. In case you are looking for some more ideas to boost your WiFi signal, get in touch with our technical team and they will be able to provide you with personal assistance.

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