Configure Another Router with AT&T Modem

DIY Guidelines to Configure Another Router with AT&T Modem

Did you recently get your hands on a new router and would like to configure it with the existing modem? Which modem is installed in your home? Is it AT&T modem? Yes? Well then, this is the right blog post for you. Here, we have given a breakdown of the process to configure another router with AT&T modem.
Prior to reading the steps given below, know that any router can get configured with the AT&T modem. But, in this blog, example of a Netgear router has been taken by us.

How to Configure Another Router with AT&T Modem?

1. Place the Netgear Router

The initial step involves positioning the Netgear wireless router correctly. To get the best internet performance, simply put your Wi-Fi router and AT&T modem close to each other, ideally in the same room. Keeping them near means your internet will be faster and more stable. Also, try to keep your router away from other home electronics like cordless phones, treadmills, and smart devices to avoid any interference.

2. Plug in the WiFi Router

Locate an electrical outlet in the same room where the modem is kept and plug the Netgear wireless router into it. Activate the router with the aid of the power button. Hold on and let the LED light become green. This green light is a sign that your network device is successfully connected and is receiving a steady power supply. Once done, go to the next step and continue learning about how to configure another router with AT&T modem.

3. Connect the WiFi Devices

This step involves creating a stable connection between the WiFi router and the modem. It is recommended that to prevent any problems amidst the Netgear Nighthawk setup, make sure you use an undamaged Ethernet cable. Connect the first end to the port of the host device and the second one to the port of the modem. Ensure that the connection is tight. For this, it is important that you hear a click sound.

Connected Router with AT&T Modem? Now What?

Now that you have connected the Netgear wireless router to the AT&T modem, the following step is to complete the remaining setup process. This can be done either with the help of the manual method or the Netgear Nighthawk app. The method which you want to use is up to you. Both of them have been thoroughly explained in this segment.

Manual Method

  • Get access to an internet browser on your laptop and move the cursor to the address bar. In some regions, it is referred to as to URL field.
  • Insert the default web or IP address of the Netgear router there and hit Enter. The default web and IP address is and respectively.

Default web or IP address of the Netgear router

  • Make sure that whichever address you use, it is being entered without any typing mistakes. Also, avoid putting the search bar of the internet browser to use.
  • Soon you will land on the login portal. Can you see two fields there? Good. Enter the username and the password and hit the Log In button.
  • In a matter of seconds, the Netgear WiFi router setup wizard will come into view. Go through the guidelines given there and finish completing the setup process.

Nighthawk App

  • Access the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, depending on the mobile device which you are using and search for the Netgear Nighthawk app.
  • Hit the Download button to install the application and wait for it to thoroughly get installed. Take our advice and avoid putting a stop to the process.
  • Once the app gets installed, launch it and make an account with the help of your personal details. Then log in using the admin login credentials.
  • The admin login details are case-sensitive. This means that the Caps Lock button on the keypad should not be enabled when you are entering the details.
  • On the next screen, follow the instructions, and connect your client device to the network of the Netgear wireless router using the WiFi password.

Sum Up

Integrating a secondary router with an AT&T modem can significantly enhance your home network’s performance and coverage. The key steps involve configuring the AT&T device for compatibility, potentially enabling bridge mode, setting up the secondary router, and connecting the two devices properly.

We are summing up the blog based on the process to configure another router with AT&T modem. We are anticipating that after walking through the steps given above, you will easily be able to establish a connection between the devices and finish setting up the router. Now, you can put the admin details to use to change the settings. Want to know which settings you can change? Go through the info given in the product manual.

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